35 Popular Memes That Pretty Much Every Girl can Relate to


Hello, beauties! From relationships, fashion, and periods to life, loves, crushes and everything in-between, we know being a modern woman isn’t always easy, you can’t run away from your problems. Your struggle is the struggle of millions of beautiful, smart and incredible women everywhere. But, you know what? You can always poke fun at your hard travails to make life better.


In this post, we have listed up some of our favourite memes that pretty much every woman can relate to. Yes, our collection of memes below will make you laugh out loud. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 That's not how it should be mister

  2. 2 It's a whole encyclopedia

  3. 3 Snuff Sniff Sniff

  4. 4 It's the only thing I'm good at..


  5. 5 She's gonna go doing what she loves most

  6. 6 How many expressions can you do at once?

  7. 7 She never texted...

  8. 8 Is this what cuteness gets you?!

  9. 9 Not at all, honey

  10. 10 I can totally feel that!

  11. 11 I'm gonna give it my best shot

  12. 12 It's cleanup time

  13. 13 How on earth?!

  14. 14 Guess the mood here

  15. 15 You've left me for survival

  16. 16 The happiness can't be defined

  17. 17 That was easy

  18. 18 That's step 4 of the ladder

  19. 19 When everyone in the class follows your call

  20. 20 A human must always come back to reality

  21. 21 here's your award

  22. 22 They talked!!

  23. 23 Close enough

  24. 24 You could really use some

  25. 25 Get back in there

  26. 26 Best joke ever

  27. 27 Caught red handed

  28. 28 Here comes the long paragraph

  29. 29 As sleek as wax

  30. 30 Mood swing game too strong

  31. 31 Welcome to the treasure

  32. 32 Summer goals

  33. 33 Totally free

  34. 34 I brought my stuff

  35. 35 I am all yours to take

  36. 36 They don't come in easy these days


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