45 Photos Where Reflection Played a Major Role


Reflection photography is the most challenging form of photography but, it is a great way to spice up a lifeless photo and turn it into something abstract, richer and even mysterious.

If you really want to satisfy your creative appetite and give wings to your imaginations, all you need to do is master the skills of reflection photography and understands its angles and perspective.


In this post, we have listed 45 photos where reflection played a major role in making them jaw-dropping. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share these photos with the photographers in your list to help them find inspiration!

  1. 1 Caught you!!

  2. 2 The reflection of the man to the left of me through this glass partition, coupled with the symmetry of the seats, creates this ghosting effect.

  3. 3 Reflection of tunnel in mirrored sunglasses

  4. 4 The reflection of the pizza oven on the window made it look like the car was on fire


  5. 5 Beautiful flowers reflection in dew drops

  6. 6 The reflection makes this chimpanzee look like he is wearing her dress.

  7. 7 The reflection from the street lamps makes this VW bug look like it has cartoon eyes

  8. 8 Peekaboo!!

  9. 9 Another traffic hero!

  10. 10 A shot well timed!

  11. 11 He was supposed to be nude!

  12. 12 You won't find the answers at the bottom of a wine glass

  13. 13 The reflection of my headphones in this water glass creates a fish

  14. 14 Found this bike the other day and it confused me about our reality. Is it broken or not broken?

  15. 15 So i realized my leg's reflection on the separation glass fits perfectly to the airport crew guy

  16. 16 Perfectly timed wedding photo

  17. 17 Cute hat though...

  18. 18 Surreal Self-Portrait With A Mirror Shard

  19. 19 Every time I think that this building is burning, but it is a reflection of the sunset

  20. 20 It's a really really mini wan!

  21. 21 The reflection of an identical car from window perfectly matches

  22. 22 Spring has come in a parallel reality.

  23. 23 The steering wheel reflection looks like a planet in the sky

  24. 24 The tapestry above my bed made a pretty sweet reflection in my coffee this morning.

  25. 25 Floor gave these raindrops polka dots.

  26. 26 Underground the water is so still it provides a perfect mirror for the stalactites in the Luray Caverns.

  27. 27 At the right time of day, my dog's favorite napping spot makes him look really magical

  28. 28 The photo perspective makes guys look glued to the sky

  29. 29 Hyde park in Fall ....

  30. 30 No, its just your dirty mind!

  31. 31 A see through van!

  32. 32 The reflection of this bridge looks mesmerising!

  33. 33 The reflection turned this into a totally different picture..

  34. 34 I would like to have one of these in my backyard...

  35. 35 Creepy shades!

  36. 36 Perfect Reflection

  37. 37 A reflection of my lamp in my iPhone Looks 3D

  38. 38 Came strolling right over to me in particular--I wonder why....

  39. 39 Chicago Reflected On Lake Michigan

  40. 40 4 eyes by Philip Cornish!

  41. 41 Couldn't have been perfect than this!

  42. 42 Who said perfection reflection doesn't exist?

  43. 43 We can all see that, girl!

  44. 44 That's what you get for staring at girls...


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