40 Photos That Will Trick Your Mind Like a Magician


Sometimes photos are worth a thousand words and are quite understandable while other times you won’t decipher what’s actually going on in the photo unless you inspect it closely. This post is about the latter category. These photos are often quite tricky and create an illusion which confuses your mind like magic.

In this post, we have listed 40 incredible photos that will trick your mind like no other.


Scroll on to see yourself and enjoy peeps. Don’t forget to share this post with friends to mess with their head as well!

  1. 1 The 101st dalmatian that ran away

  2. 2 This model is not showing off her buttcheeks

  3. 3 This girl at the Louvre Museum

  4. 4 Baby brother had one long arm in 1999.


  5. 5 Leg day

  6. 6 It's just in your mind

  7. 7 She's got healthy legs

  8. 8 Two legged dog ?!

  9. 9 Little man standing on bin

  10. 10 Had to look at this twice before I realised the cat wasn't actually cooking.

  11. 11 The snow on top of this mountain that looks like a lizard

  12. 12 It's sunny out there

  13. 13 This nice bedsheets

  14. 14 Almost like you could slip right through the stairs into another world.

  15. 15 A literal watchdog

  16. 16 NO. It's not a table piece, it's a real Aircraft clicked at exactly the right time while flying over building in Dubai.

  17. 17 This boiled egg that exploded while cooking and looks like a snail.

  18. 18 It's a hybrid

  19. 19 Her hands or not?

  20. 20 Kissing trees!!

  21. 21 What's up bully face?

  22. 22 Unpeeled Banana Duck.

  23. 23 This splash of water for the elephant looks like an elephant.

  24. 24 Cotton picker at night looks like a huge concert crowd

  25. 25 The perspective makes this dog look like a big monster

  26. 26 My girlfriend looks just like me here

  27. 27 Camouflage Level 101

  28. 28 What’s wrong with the kid’s hand?

  29. 29 When your crush walks by

  30. 30 A cat with a hat

  31. 31 You could always use an extra hand

  32. 32 Jumbled hair

  33. 33 Harambe going for a stroll

  34. 34 My Girlfriend and I playing on stairs

  35. 35 Birdie takin a selfie

  36. 36 I thought they were my legs

  37. 37 A random stranger came up to my girlfriend and I to show us the photo she took of us.

  38. 38 Been Looking At This For A While And I’m Still Confused

  39. 39 Blending in with the ad

  40. 40 Some arms are missing I guess


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