32 Photos That Will Make You Think “How on Earth Could This Even Happen?”


Raise your hands if you believe that the world is a wacky place and humans can be rather odd! You agree, right? But, have you ever wondered why the internet is loaded with so much weird stuff that makes you think “how on earth could this even happen?” It’s because stupidity is a universal trait. All over the globe, you’ll find people who like to live in their bubble without giving a damn about anything. They often come up with hilariously crazy stuff either because they’re having fun doing it or because they’re too lazy to come up with something useful.


Sometimes, it’s hard not to be surprised by the world’s craziness. Imagine finding a female wearing a bikini in a land full of snow. That’s just cool. Even better, imagine seeing a toilet seat in the middle of an ocean. It’ll crack you up for sure. Shocked much? Scroll on to find out more, we bet you’ll be laughing out loud by the end of this post! Enjoy peeps!

  1. 1

  2. 2 You got this!!

  3. 3 The force is strong in this one.

  4. 4 Go my pretties.


  5. 5 Only in Russia.

  6. 6 Staring at thing while the ground beneath you crumbles.

  7. 7 Now that is what I call a death wish.

  8. 8 So this happened today in Brisbane

  9. 9 That is something straight out of a movie.

  10. 10 I'm horrified but I'm more curious on how that got there.

  11. 11 That has got be a huge fire hazard.

  12. 12 Phones in the good ol' days.


  13. 13 Shouldn't have gotten that cheap stuff.

  14. 14 Talk about bad luck.

  15. 15 I hope they have insurance.

  16. 16 Welding disaster!!

  17. 17 When you've gone through hell but still try to live.

  18. 18 A true American.

  19. 19 The most majestic toilet in the world.

  20. 20 Doggo does what he wants.

  21. 21 Some people just need to cool down.

  22. 22 That's hilarious yet kind of brilliant.

  23. 23 Just a little to the left

  24. 24 Their attacks can't harm you anymore.

  25. 25 When you know your life is upside down, but you stay calm.

  26. 26 Pouring water in an aircraft while upside down

  27. 27 Mr. snack'ems.

  28. 28 I knew that cat was demonic.

  29. 29 That's why men don't live as long as women.

  30. 30 Feeling horny?

  31. 31 Cats truly are weird animals.

  32. 32 When it's just not your day.


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