38 Photos That Will Make You Say This Is Stupid


Some people simply crave the attention of others. In a world where most of our lives are public, and continually being shared on social media, this is understandable because the lure of likes grabs you completely. However, the things that people do in pursuit of attention are sometimes unexplainable. They’re bound to mess up more times than they get things right.

Have you ever seen some people doing absurd things and that made you yell “This is stupid, don’t do it!” at your screen? It’s okay folks we have been there too! Though, it is quite difficult to get the words out because we’re laughing too hard on those poor souls.


Let’s start the laugh meter and scroll on to see our compiled list of 38 such hilarious photos that will surely put a huge grin on your face.  Enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 The stuff you'll only see on the Russia subway

  2. 2 me marry you will Brittany

  3. 3 I want to die right now

  4. 4 Someone tell her please


  5. 5 Out of the many ways to commit suicide

  6. 6 The view is perfect

  7. 7 The fire of love caught her hair

  8. 8 The human race deserves that

  9. 9 My relatives watching me at a gathering like

  10. 10 We all have our priorities

  11. 11 When someone shows you that much affection for the first time

  12. 12 I wanna know how this happened

  13. 13 Crocs, are you okay?

  14. 14 The walk of shame

  15. 15 This is what friends are for

  16. 16 Who needs a loader van when you've got a brain

  17. 17 That star trooper has a better life than me

  18. 18 Vertical parking

  19. 19 I guess I know who's won Halloween this time

  20. 20 Improvise, adapt, proceed.

  21. 21 Genius

  22. 22 Playing with danger

  23. 23 This is why men die earlier than women

  24. 24 Sunglasses are for fashion only

  25. 25 Logan's dog

  26. 26 Going to war with Mexico

  27. 27 Wait for it

  28. 28 Ina parallel/inverted universe

  29. 29 What being with the wrong girl can do to you

  30. 30 Only for down to Earth people

  31. 31 When you have an evil baby

  32. 32 Looks like the toasts are having the annual feast

  33. 33 Can the body temp predict pregnancy?

  34. 34 The best thing you'll see on the internet today

  35. 35 The universe loves moments like these

  36. 36 Talk to me baby Groot

  37. 37 Self satisfaction matters

  38. 38 When you're high enough, nothing seems wrong


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