30 Photos That Show Men are Just Giant Children


Men and women may complement each other, but they’re poles apart! They eat differently, they think differently, and they even act differently.

Be your gender what it may, you will certainly have heard the following from a female friend who is listing down the charms of a new (male) squeeze: “He’s really quite cute but he often acts like a little baby.” It’s probably more than you think. Childlike men can be found everywhere, being silly and probably annoying the women they’re with. When men want something, they want it, and they want it now. Just like a toddler.  No matter how young or old a man is, he still wants to act like a kid sometimes and make others laugh.


Well, we are certainly not discriminating *wink*. So, to make you think otherwise, we have listed up 30 photos that will show you men are just giant children. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 This is what happens when men spend the night together

  2. 2 Riding through the world of fire

  3. 3 He said we should play some pool and then passed out

  4. 4 Young at heart


  5. 5 10 shots and we had the best night of our lives

  6. 6 What happens when I send my husband to the store and there's an ice cream sale.

  7. 7 Is this what you mean?

  8. 8 Parenting tips 101

  9. 9 Won a bet with my wife

  10. 10 Christmas tree from Mexico

  11. 11 As long as it works

  12. 12 Shooting with meow bullets

  13. 13 My mate said I should dive into the mall fountain for 10 bucks

  14. 14 Jaw Breakers

  15. 15 We were playing hide and seek

  16. 16 Moo-vie night with some beer

  17. 17 He said he wanted to play in the kids area and I said no

  18. 18 Dad was more excited for his son's birthday presents

  19. 19 Portable snack holder

  20. 20 He made himself a spaceship

  21. 21 Come join the music party

  22. 22 Sibling love

  23. 23 Don't doubt my masculinity

  24. 24 When there are no seats left

  25. 25 I'm the king of this castle

  26. 26 Beach day without the sea

  27. 27 Froggy running rings around cows

  28. 28 Always wanted a tree house

  29. 29 My mom walked into this prank by her boyfriend at 6am after turning on the kitchen light

  30. 30 He got his treat


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