30+ WTF Photos That Desperately Needs Explanation


This post contains all sorts of weird photos that seriously demand an explanation to make sense. Without knowing the back story of these photos, it’s hard to make sense of them. 

Scroll on and see for yourself. Guess the story behind each photo! For instance, I guess the guy/girl in the 19th picture must have been a hardcore fan of pink panther. What do you think? 


Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share this post with your friends and ponder over the rationality of the events in these photos together!

  1. 1 Introducing the new 2015 Toyota Camelry

  2. 2 Seems like he loves snow

  3. 3

  4. 4 When surfing boards are outta stock so you find the closest alternative


  5. 5 Daddy's romancing with a fish. Kid's covering the wrong organs. What the hell is going on?!

  6. 6 A remote-controlled plane in the form of a witch flies over a neighborhood as the sun sets during Halloween in California

  7. 7 She's probably gonna live up there on this food all her life

  8. 8 When your dog is more hungrier than you are

  9. 9 Strange Airport: Gibraltar, World’s Only Airport Runway Intersecting a Road

  10. 10 Its all about priorities

  11. 11 When your dog messes with your weed bag

  12. 12 A true honest Mortal Kombat msk

  13. 13 Well, When you gotta go you gottta go

  14. 14 TA monument in Japan

  15. 15 When you open the tap in summers

  16. 16 Cause sitting on your chair was not comfortable

  17. 17 She wanted to switch her office

  18. 18 Is the TV reception okay now?

  19. 19 This years "Weirdo in the park" award goes to...

  20. 20 Who eats Spaghetti with their feet?

  21. 21 Focus on the "cozy part"

  22. 22 Taken at the student union...Yes, this happened

  23. 23 The uni-legged hand ball

  24. 24 Women that wear high heels may relate

  25. 25 I take the road I want

  26. 26 No one is gonna fall into this hole! There’s a cone!

  27. 27 Actors dressed as a 'Yeti' ride aboard a tour bus during a promotional event for Travel Channel's "Expedition Unknown: Hunt for the Yeti"

  28. 28 By order of LAPD

  29. 29 Love story in a parallel universe

  30. 30 Is that your pet or your village's wool collection?

  31. 31 Face the wrath of the Potato Devil

  32. 32 Why so serious?

  33. 33 Is the coat transparent?


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