37 Photos Showing That How Modern Technology Is Destroying Us


Ever wonder how the world has changed especially due to the field of technology? The last decades have arguably seen more development than any other point in our civilization. Biggest fears of our generation are now low batteries and unavailability of Wi-Fi’s, the family time has been replaced by mobile phone texting, face-to-face meetings have often given way to video conferences, the mailrooms to email inboxes, and physical activities and sports to video games, selfies have become an obsession!

Today’s world is literally crammed with technology. Almost every family owns a computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, television, etc. Yeah! We all agree these things make our lives easier. But, digital devices that were created to serve faithfully to humanity have also revealed their harmful impact on our lives. Now, modern technology has absolute control over our lives. We have embraced advanced technology, seeking only the benefits and completely ignoring the downfalls.


So, Peeps! Let’s take a moment and scroll on our curated list to see how modern technology is destroying us.

  1. 1 The ruined generation

  2. 2 We're all cursed by the cell phones

  3. 3 Multitasking at its best

  4. 4 The last Whatsapp message


  5. 5 This is how our generation takes notes

  6. 6 Running away from these every day

  7. 7 Texting and mobiles are making these children slow

  8. 8 Go do it for real!

  9. 9 A talent that can come in really handy

  10. 10 Has anyone seen my girlfriend?

  11. 11 No toilet breaks without the phone

  12. 12 The curse of Wi-Fi

  13. 13 It's a necessity

  14. 14 The toys of our era

  15. 15 An overall thanks to the internet

  16. 16 Talking on text while you're sitting with each other

  17. 17 Live video streaming

  18. 18 Priorities matter

  19. 19 Close the phone and start talking kid

  20. 20 All we need is a screen

  21. 21 The park is for physical games only

  22. 22 Even religion isn't spared

  23. 23 These are gonna run out of stock in no time

  24. 24 Family gatherings these days

  25. 25 A world struck by technology

  26. 26 "eating together" in long distance relationships

  27. 27 Let it burn first

  28. 28 For once we need to enjoy the moment and not capture it

  29. 29 Nobody ever eats without doing this

  30. 30 Graduation snaps everywhere

  31. 31 When your audience is like this there is no point to perform for them

  32. 32 Waiting made easier

  33. 33 Why not just take one photo and send it to everyone

  34. 34 Don't care about myself but the phone should be protected

  35. 35 The Only Normal Human

  36. 36 Phone first, Baby later

  37. 37 Our children are under influence


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