32 Photos Proving That Not All Humans Can Function Properly On Airplanes


There’s famous inside saying of flight attendants that, “When you check your bags, you check your brain” and while that may be a bit of an exaggeration, in such a confined space with so many strangers, people really do some strange things on airplanes. Whether they are struggling with jet lag or just being a little bit odd, the longer the flight the more likely it is to witness some crazy, gross or just plain weird behavior from other passengers on board. 

Listed below are 32 hilarious photos that prove our point! Scroll on to check for yourself and enjoy peeps.


  1. 1 This is where your education comes in

  2. 2 When you do laundry just minutes before the flight

  3. 3 When you can see, even in the darkness

  4. 4 This is why having extra leg room is important


  5. 5 When you travel with friends

  6. 6 Mid flight Potty training is going on

  7. 7 Scared the crap outta me

  8. 8 I see a grand holiday planned right there

  9. 9 Not letting go of any free food

  10. 10 Pizza warming techniques 101

  11. 11 He's been like this for about an hour now

  12. 12 Somebody's newborn is trying to escape

  13. 13 Barney Stinson's on my flight

  14. 14 How NOT to sleep on a flight

  15. 15 She's totally killing my travel vibe

  16. 16 When you can't find socks in a hurry

  17. 17 The best nap I've had in a while

  18. 18 Someone's drying their clothes on the flight

  19. 19 Well, it's a stupid world we live in

  20. 20 Long hair problems

  21. 21 Wanna make a guess what's going on there

  22. 22 She's got her travel mattress with her

  23. 23 I should probably let some air hit my tummy

  24. 24 The cleaning staff would hate this one

  25. 25 Flight hack number 53

  26. 26 Someone brought a portable pillow

  27. 27 When you call her baby and she takes it too literally

  28. 28 Flight Pranks

  29. 29 He's doing Yoga

  30. 30 Can someone explain why I'm staring at a saggy butt?

  31. 31 Call the homicide squad

  32. 32 OK kids, so which one of you left your bag full o’ dead animal head in the overhead bin???


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