34 Photos Proving That Instagram Pictures are a Complete Lie

In these modern times, everybody keeps little tabs on what is going on in the lives of their acquaintances, friends and family members through social media such as Facebook or Instagram.

Due to all the peer pressure, people like to compete through Instagram. The lure of “likes,” and “shares,” on social media is so addictive that people are compelled to share their photos that are artificially enhanced through Photoshopped or layered with fake additions to deceive others.

In this post, we have listed 34 photos that prove most Instagram Pictures are nothing but a complete lie.

Buckle up and scroll on peeps!

  1. 1 Just a couple of filters and job's done

  2. 2 What a $1000 salon treatment can do to you

  3. 3 I hate when influencers don’t acknowledge that that’s not just how they look

  4. 4 Instagram VS. real life motherhood

  5. 5 She does a lot of posts about perception vs. reality on social media. No Photoshop here! I just love her message

  6. 6 For anyone feeling sh*tty today- no one is flawless! You are beautiful!

  7. 7 I can’t get over the difference! Don’t believe what you see on Instagram folks

  8. 8 Gotta rev up the lighting game

  9. 9 Pretending game too strong

  10. 10 Pre party vs during the party

  11. 11 Reality is cruel my friends

  12. 12 They just play with our hearts

  13. 13 Same girl, different species, and a little bit of blackface

  14. 14 Do you know you can create your own curves?

  15. 15 It's all about the angles

  16. 16 Which one would be your suitable body type?

  17. 17 Good contouring can change your whole appearance

  18. 18 When will the alien photoshopping look be out of style?

  19. 19 Angles make all the difference.

  20. 20 Posted 24 Hours Apart.. Instagram vs. Paparazzi

  21. 21 Just a nice beach photo shoot

  22. 22 Life of a loner

  23. 23 Instagram vs reality

  24. 24 Forgot to put makeup? No worries, we'll give you some post picture touch ups.

  25. 25 Instagram models rarely intentionally show how their bodies look outside of their posed, perfectly-lighted Instagram feed.

  26. 26 She posted the first pic and then a video of herself in the same post

  27. 27 The queen of Instagram vs reality

  28. 28 Her Instagram vs Her surgeon's Instagram

  29. 29 I have no words for this one

  30. 30 Khloe's nose did a did Disappearing act!

  31. 31 Here’s another “reality advocate”. She’s really open about it.

  32. 32 You just have to know the angle that doesn't show your fat

  33. 33 "I woke up like this" with 2 pounds of makeup

  34. 34 Horror Sunday's to be honest

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