32 Photos Proving Heat Doesn’t Spare NOTHING and NOBODY


Our tanned bodies, crop tops, excessive lemonade gulping, and loads of ice cream eating are all signs that summer season is at its peak. Although these things sound way too wonderful which makes this season seem magical but this summer, the scorching sun is constantly reminding us who’s the boss as everything melt in a puddle of goo from roasting-hot days that come straight from Hell, right?  Road signs, traffic lights, roads, and even fences are melting. Don’t believe us? Well, keep scrolling and we bet you will!


In this post, we have listed 32 photos proving heat doesn’t spare anyone when the summer sun blaze at its peak. Scroll on to check them out yourself and enjoy peeps or maybe not if you are also on the brick of melting soon *wink*.

  1. 1 When your air conditioner just won't work.

  2. 2 Third world solutions.

  3. 3 Hey!!! Get in line.

  4. 4 How we beat the heat in Australia. Ice cold can on a warm belly.


  5. 5 When you're sunbathing game is strong.

  6. 6 I'm MELTING!

  7. 7 Melt alert!!!

  8. 8 It's so hot in Texas

  9. 9 Caught in the act...

  10. 10 When it's 50°C outside, but you have to get to work.

  11. 11 What's next? Buildings melting?

  12. 12 I bet I can fry an egg on the road.

  13. 13 Meahwile in Australia

  14. 14 Record heat wave in Nebraska.

  15. 15 cracked two eggs in a pan and left them outside for three hours in the Aussie heatwave... voila!

  16. 16 My latest genius idea for riding home in this hundred degree heat!

  17. 17 The heat is melting the traffic lights in my town

  18. 18 When it's hot, but you still want that summer tan.

  19. 19 When it's hekkin' hot, but you a smart doggo.

  20. 20 Weather forecast: Sunny side up.

  21. 21 Mars kittens during heatwave

  22. 22 Hekkin' satisfied.

  23. 23 Would you like to jump in my jacuzzi.

  24. 24 It's so hot in India that the road is melting!!

  25. 25 The heat is making these candle holders romantic.

  26. 26 Improvisation 100.

  27. 27 Party animal

  28. 28 I should've brought my sunscreen with me.

  29. 29 The Empire can wait. It's pool party time.

  30. 30 May I relax in your wonderful pool for a bit?

  31. 31 When you're boss is cheap AF.

  32. 32 That's Arizona for ya.


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