40 Photos Proving Forever Alone Could Be So Much Worse


Loneliness can be quite annoying sometimes. When you have no one to go to a party with, or when all your friends are dating while you are laying on a couch doing absolutely nothing – loneliness can then make you do some seriously weird stuff.


We have compiled a list of 40 photos which proves that being forever alone could be so much worse. These photos will surely put a huge grin on your face. However, it’s really hard to tell whether these people are single because of being creepy or it’s just their dumb luck. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Just going with the flow

  2. 2 I'm dating a wall

  3. 3 Beach day with the dolls

  4. 4 As long as that satisfies her


  5. 5 My imaginary girlfriend

  6. 6 Let's pretend I'm a couple

  7. 7 When you see it!

  8. 8 Let's play the Throwyo

  9. 9 Her boyfriend is round a airy

  10. 10 I bet you've never seen anyone so desperate as this guy

  11. 11 Too young to have a girlfriend

  12. 12 Alcohol loves you back

  13. 13 The perfect single life captured in this photograph

  14. 14 Asians make themselves a girlfriend when they can't find one

  15. 15 Life of a single guy in a gang of couples

  16. 16 This looks like a smooth date

  17. 17 So what are we having for dinner honey?

  18. 18 Nature is reminding me of my anxiety

  19. 19 Every girl fancies a tall guy

  20. 20 The perfect date

  21. 21 Because vodka is the one true love

  22. 22 Beer pong for single people

  23. 23 Nothing excites her anymore

  24. 24 Thumbs down for a reason

  25. 25 Anyone up for a free ride across the town?

  26. 26 She envies them

  27. 27 There's all three kinds of couples here

  28. 28 It's a love square

  29. 29 Hold my hand baby

  30. 30 Third wheeling for life

  31. 31 All alone in barracks since roommate left for V-day weekend

  32. 32 His expression says it all

  33. 33 An Otaku's Christmas dinner

  34. 34 My baby clicked this

  35. 35 Dolls mean a whole lot more in Japan

  36. 36 Date night with bae

  37. 37 Another wedding, another reminder that I'm still single

  38. 38 Hold my hand

  39. 39 When it's time for couple dancing and you're single

  40. 40 Kissable coffee lids are a thing now for forever alone people...!

  41. 41 Got you!!


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