30 Photos of Celebrity Moms With Their Kids Captured By Paparazzi


We love our superstars so much that we’re always curious about their personal life especially when they are with their kids and we occasionally get to see glimpses of that life when Paparazzis post their photos on social media. This guerilla-style method of photography allows us to get our fix of candid shots around for some sweet celebrity moments. Random people like us discern something relatable in seeing our most favorite celebs interact with their child in the same manner we do with ours. However, celebrities and, most importantly, their kids suffer from constantly being stalked in the process. Some are caught having an epic temper tantrum while others might be captured in an illicit moment. Whatever the case may be, most fans are always fond of seeing paparazzi pics of celebrities with their kids.


In this post, we have listed some photos of a bunch of Hollywood’s A-listers and their adorable offspring that have been caught on camera by paparazzi’s. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Keeping up with the Kardashians: Tantrum edition.

  2. 2 Jennifer Graner dealt with a stomper!

  3. 3 Christina Aguilera and her son Max Bratman feeling the kicks.

  4. 4 Nahla throwing a fit, But Halle Berry is having none of it.


  5. 5 Charlize Theron taking her son Jackson to dance class.

  6. 6 Even her daughter is mesmerized by her beauty.

  7. 7 So she calmed down.

  8. 8 TAXI!!!

  9. 9 North West Throws Tantrum at Fashion Show

  10. 10 Let's go out for a stroll, she said.

  11. 11 Amy Adams trying to figure out how to console her daughter.

  12. 12 Salma Hayek with her cheeky daughter Valentina

  13. 13 Miranda Kerr Flynn. Raise your hand if you're not having the best of days.

  14. 14 Beyoncé, Jay and Blue Ivy leaving Paris

  15. 15 Katie Holmes' and Tom Cruise's daughter.

  16. 16 Kim Kardashian had a fashion show nightmare

  17. 17 When someone says," Who wants to go out for ice cream".

  18. 18 Grab this, momma's gotta shine for the cameras.

  19. 19 Rebecca Taylor with her kids.

  20. 20 Jessica Alba with her daughter Honor Marie Warren.

  21. 21 Megan Fox with little Frank and Gloria.

  22. 22 Now you've gone and done it. She just fell asleep.

  23. 23 Kate Gosselin trying to discipline her son Collin.

  24. 24 When Reese Witherspoon's protective instincts kick in.

  25. 25 She's come a long way from That '70s Show.

  26. 26 Geri Halliwell trying to handle a tantrum in front of the paparazzi.

  27. 27 Halle Berry just defies aging.

  28. 28 Jessica Biel looks like she hasn't slept in a while.

  29. 29 The Pink family.

  30. 30 Katie Holmes looks graceful comforting her daughter.


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