40 Perfectly Timed Animal Photos That are Too Perfect To Believe


Pictures are a great form of self-expression. Many photographers have succeeded to stun us with their amazing photography skills for enduring years. And we all love our fair share of perfectly timed photos, don’t we? Especially if these photos are of adorable four-legged creatures known as animals.


Whether it is a creepy crocodile eating its hunt or beautiful horses cuddling one another, listed in this post are a wide range of animal photos which are going to stupefy you for sure because they are too perfect to believe they are actually real. We bet these photos will keep you glued to the screen for quite a while. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 A leap of faith

  2. 2 Me praying to get a reply from my crush

  3. 3 Cleaning up after lunch

  4. 4 Nice camera bro


  5. 5 Your happy meal delivery has arrived

  6. 6 The package has been dropped

  7. 7 Winter is here

  8. 8 Peekaboo!!

  9. 9 That's how nature blends together

  10. 10 Escape plan

  11. 11 Clash of the flying titans

  12. 12 Them fighter jets got nothing on the real flying machine

  13. 13 Hi fives are old school. Let's Hi ten!!

  14. 14 My gf vs me

  15. 15 Your dinner meal is about to be delivered

  16. 16 Smile because it's easy

  17. 17 My mum stopping me from going out with friends

  18. 18 My friends stopping me from being successful in life

  19. 19 Someone's stuck in a love affair

  20. 20 This sparrow's a mutant

  21. 21 It's their way of showing affection

  22. 22 Mondays at work be like

  23. 23 Playing fetch at a different level

  24. 24 More people lesser food

  25. 25 Team players

  26. 26 A mother doing her duty

  27. 27 The clouds come down for giants

  28. 28 Go, Go, Gadget Neck.

  29. 29 Butterfly Eyes

  30. 30 I recently acquired a birds eye view.

  31. 31 I think my dog is too horny

  32. 32 Did you checkout this new Snapchat filter?

  33. 33 My dog achieving his dreams

  34. 34 I think it's about to crash land

  35. 35 I didn't know goats can be two faced

  36. 36 Kitty knows how to pull a prank

  37. 37 It's a midair dog fight

  38. 38 The race is on

  39. 39 When you come out in the nature after a long while

  40. 40 When she tells you she likes you "but as a friend"


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