28 People With Impressive But Useless Talents


There are two types of people in this world. Those who have got some incredible talent and they utilize it on making the world a better place and then there are those who have some great talents on their sleeves but unfortunately they have no use for it. This post is about the latter category of people. They cannot win Oscars or talent shows but they can surely make you say, “Man! How did he do that?” Their talents may seem strange and useless but, without them, we wouldn’t have this list! At least they discovered some of their talents, we’ll never know.

Scroll on peeps because listed below are 28 people with impressive but useless talents. If you know anyone with a unique talent then share this post with them to boost up their confidence. Enjoy folks!

  1. 1 I call it "The Twister"

  2. 2 Those fingers are stronger than my legs

  3. 3 Somebody explain this shit

  4. 4 Beat that fellas!


  5. 5 So today was a productive day

  6. 6 Racket Man

    He's double-jointed and in all other ways flexible, enough that he can literally snake his way through a tennis racket.

  7. 7 Appreciate the talent

  8. 8 On the list of twisted talents

  9. 9 Elastic Skin

    Garry Turner has the world's stretchiest skin due to a condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. He can stretch his belly skin over 15.8 centimeters

  10. 10 She's been sitting in class like this, surprising all the teachers

  11. 11 Any contenders to kiss him?

  12. 12 What are your special talents?

  13. 13 Magneto in his childhood

  14. 14 When you're drunk and desperate at the same time

  15. 15 What good is this talent?

  16. 16 Could use this at the circus

  17. 17 How many can you hold?

  18. 18 Should be hired at the Museum of Useless Talents

  19. 19 He can scare people at midnight

  20. 20 Because walking on foot is mainstream

  21. 21 When the whole family's crazy

  22. 22 How to impress a girl

  23. 23 Double bubble

  24. 24

  25. 25 On the Tip of Your Finger


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