33 People Whose “LOGICS” Will Make You Scratch Your Head


All things that come from clear reasoning and a concept is what we call logical, right? Logic certainly is hard to understand for some people. Accidentally or on purpose, they fall into many logical fallacies, usually in an effort to not learn something, that is, to continue to believe what they already believe in. A self-logical explanation allows people to be different from the rest of the world. Such people like to live by their own rules. They do whatever makes them happy without worrying about others.


In this post, we have listed 33 photos of people whose logic behind their actions will make you scratch your head. These photos are riotously funny and they will make you laugh out loud. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 This should be a sin

  2. 2 He has learnt really well

  3. 3 Was so high couldn't figure out why my phone didn't charge!!

  4. 4 I honestly have no idea why my mother has done this.

  5. 5 Smells like rainbows


  6. 6 Let's go swimming!!!

  7. 7 The “not actual size” sample band-aid really is actual size!

  8. 8 What do you need a glue stick?

  9. 9 My kinda 6 packs

  10. 10 This is not a crime scene, but an hospital hallway...

  11. 11 Spotted in Target. Next level fashion.

  12. 12 Fixed the clock, boss!

  13. 13 Want some ginger tea?

  14. 14 Because using caps and sunglasses is too easy

  15. 15 Toilet Elevator

  16. 16 The way they cut the carpet to make this door open instead of just cutting the door. (Found in basement of newly bought house.)

  17. 17 The weight is too much

  18. 18 This Illogical Damn Mirror!!

  19. 19 Someone in my dorm gets it.

  20. 20 At least put it in an open field

  21. 21 How NOT to drink juice

  22. 22 Lazy people be like

  23. 23 When she's dirty af but wears cool undies

  24. 24 Hiding in clear sight

  25. 25 Only a monster would do that

  26. 26 Cafeteria won't conform to the definition of secret!

  27. 27 This engraver gets it

  28. 28 Her eyebrows are illogical!!

  29. 29 Its all against nature

  30. 30 He wanted to help

  31. 31 I want him to grow up faster

  32. 32 My friends trying to stop me from going into a relationship


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