29 People Whose Insane Action are Hard to Explain


Our world is a crazy place. We have some weird people around, who seem to have no idea about what they’re up to and they take utterly senseless photos.  These people are rebels at heart. Wherever or whatever they are doing, they’re disrupting the way things are done. They are advocating for change and they don’t apologize for it. They know the solution to the problem lies in doing something completely and utterly insane.

They believe that every action starts with a thought. That’s why every worthwhile accomplishment starts with a change in perspective, or a new connection, or a renewed sense of purpose and motivation. However, often their weirdness can sometimes reach the level of madness. In pursuit of a unique identity, people simply end up being creepy.


Listed here are 29 hilarious photos of people whose actions are hard to explain. These photos are riotously funny and they will make you laugh out loud. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 The many faced God has gifted this woman

  2. 2 Ms Pain has got her own swag

  3. 3 iCarly reignited

  4. 4 When you're a clingy bf with zero regrets


  5. 5 People of Walmart Platinum Award, First Place!

  6. 6 Making kitty admire Italian food

  7. 7 Party Gadget Number 1

  8. 8 Halloween is gonna be fun

  9. 9 Think of the perfect caption for this

  10. 10 Homer needs to know about this

  11. 11 How would you like to die? Like this...

  12. 12 Home Remedies 101

  13. 13 When you're really punctual and do your job no matter what

  14. 14 Creepy or romantic?

  15. 15 Coffins shop: Elsa Frozen cartoon coffin...!

  16. 16 Humocolus: Horrendously Hungry Human and his side kick Briefcasium: Defender of a Mysterious World

  17. 17 My brain feels like its melting around stupid people

  18. 18 When you take your kitty fetish too seriously

  19. 19 Bellsprout

  20. 20 Gonna make a mess

  21. 21 I told you Aliens were helpful people

  22. 22 Sewing a fried egg to a t-shirt

  23. 23 When I'm high and mum calls me for dinner

  24. 24 Being hopeful isn't bad

  25. 25 So high I forgot to smoke from my hands

  26. 26 The true disco dancer

  27. 27 Let's talk to this couple about their relationship issues


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