33 People Whose Guardian Angel Was on Leave


Yes, Yes, we know you are having quite a bad day otherwise you wouldn’t be browsing for a few laughs. You probably want to look up and scream why me? Well, you know it’s not gonna do or change anything.  Take a deep breath. Let yourself calm down.

We all have our fair share of good days and bad days when things are goin’ all the right way or when things keep getting worst one after the other. We can either cry about it or laugh about it. The latter option is always better. It doesn’t fix anything, but at least you’ll feel better.


To make you feel better, we have listed 33 photos of people who are having the worst time of their life. It seems as if their guardian angel was on a leave. *wink* So, enjoy some hoots of laughs at these photos and scroll on peeps. Don’t let the bad day get you down!

  1. 1 When you love your balcony so much you wanna take it with you

  2. 2 What happens on a girls stay over

  3. 3 Sorry I did it again

  4. 4 Johnny boy's first attempt at wall climbing isn't going according to plan


  5. 5 This movie is a thriller

  6. 6 That split second of embarrassment

  7. 7 I hope that cooled down the temperature for him

  8. 8 Not letting my kids go to this school

  9. 9 My friend had a REALLY bad day today

  10. 10 Looking for logic in an argument with my wife

  11. 11 Should we tell him?

  12. 12 Redditor shoves fishbowl over dogs head, says it got stuck, all for that sweet doggy karma

  13. 13 He's about to make a new friend

  14. 14 When the horse refuses to take orders

  15. 15 How NOT to fly a drone

  16. 16 Parking blunders 101

  17. 17 Texted my husband to show him my brilliant idea for making sure I drank my full 1 litre of water before my ultrasound...

  18. 18 Should I tell her?

  19. 19 Back flip!

  20. 20 After 3 occurrences in 15 minutes, I felt I could take this picture entirely guilt free.

  21. 21 Shopping isn't going as planned for everyone

  22. 22 Leaned too far back

  23. 23 "Never tie your shoelaces standing near the Eiffel Tower."

  24. 24 Mistakes were made

  25. 25 The phone slap

  26. 26 One, two, thr-

  27. 27 Stupid real life!

  28. 28 The moment of bangers

  29. 29 When the first day of school is...something differently entirely.....

  30. 30 It was a fair fight

  31. 31 Never again will I ever use an eyelash curler.

  32. 32 How to install java

  33. 33 All my childhood I wanted to see this


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