35 People Who Meals Would be Eye Candy For the Perfectionists


Has anyone ever accused you of trying to be better than perfect? If so than you are a perfectionist because most likely you go out of your way to do things and make it obvious that you require organization and orderliness in your life. Perfectionism alone is difficult enough to cope with, but it’s also long been thought to play a role in the development and maintenance of OCD and increasing stress levels. And we know the satisfaction of seeing orderliness is priceless for every perfectionist.


So, to satisfy all the perfectionist souls reading our article, we have listed 35 photos of people whose meals are the most eye candy for every perfectionist who have a drift towards flawlessness, precision, and great attention to detail. Scroll on to see them yourself and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 That is the best fried egg I've ever seen.

  2. 2 Perfect watermelon!!

  3. 3 The way this bread fit into my plate

  4. 4 Making something like that takes a great amount of skill.


  5. 5 When I sliced my apple it had perfect stars at its core.

  6. 6 My 12 year old sister made this perfect cake on her first ever try making one

  7. 7 OCD sushi.

  8. 8 This avocado is perfectly cut!

  9. 9 This perfect serving of rice!

  10. 10 My chicken laid a perfectly round egg a few months ago

  11. 11 How my drink arranged itself!

  12. 12 The Perfect Pancake!

  13. 13 The most perfect croissant I have ever seen.

  14. 14 The way the cheese perfectly engulfed my hamburger patty.

  15. 15 I made exactly the right volume of smoothie

  16. 16 The colour transition on this blood orange

  17. 17 This onion ring shaped like a perfect treble clef

  18. 18 This incredible carrot hand was found while digging juice carrots at our farm today

  19. 19 Now where did she find a potato that big.

  20. 20 Perfect heart shaped strawberry

  21. 21 I dispensed the perfect Soft-Serve cone

  22. 22 I grew a perfect “Chilli’s” pepper

  23. 23 My filet-O-Fish bun is perfect

  24. 24 The perfect garlic doesn't exis----

  25. 25 My oddly shaped cheese fits on my oddly shaped bread.

  26. 26 The chef at my restaurant gave me this rose that he crafted out of pepperonis and the end of a jalapeño. Rico Suave...

  27. 27 Poke a hole through it and watch it squeeze through the lemon.

  28. 28 I bet this guy loved trigonometry.

  29. 29 The infinite potato.

  30. 30 That is just so satisfying to look at.

  31. 31 This tomato is solid

  32. 32 A duck tomato from my mom's garden

  33. 33 My smoothie made an interesting design after I blended it.

  34. 34 Normal Margaritas, perfect sunlight.

  35. 35 The cross section of this watermelon revealed a very satisfying pattern.


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