28 People Who Mastered the True Art of Self-Mockery


Susan Sparks author of “Laugh Your Way To Grace,” said, “If you can laugh at yourself, you can forgive yourself.”

Anyone can make a pretty good joke directed at another person but, to laugh at yourself in public with dignity is quite a difficult task. For some, self-mockery is considered artistic rhetoric. Only people with a pretty high level of intelligence are often capable of displaying their sense of humor through it.


In this post, we have listed 28 people who mastered the true art of self-mockery. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 My dad and I have a tradition of putting me in the Costco cart and now that I’m nearly 30 we realized it’s bordering on sad

  2. 2 A good angle isnt just important for girls

  3. 3 We do our best

  4. 4 "Job search for me be like .."


  5. 5 These guys sit at this table every morning.The restaurant owners made this sign to claim the table for them

  6. 6 " My new workout plan "

  7. 7 we decided to underline our individuality .At same time with similar T shirts.We are geniuses,Aren't we ?"

  8. 8 That feeling when you inspired a snapchat filter

  9. 9 "one time i shaved head got severely sunburned and swelled up just a little bit "

  10. 10 Don't show this photo to my boss

  11. 11 "No i'm not pregnant i just feel like pregnancy pics are cute i want to be involved

  12. 12 When no one gives me compliments for a few days i start thinking that i look exactly like in this small mirror "

  13. 13 "My yearbook quote is the only thing i am proud of "

  14. 14 Who would ever understand women ?

  15. 15 "When i take off my glasses "

  16. 16 My Bald head has a meaning now

  17. 17 "i weigh exactly as much as i want to"

  18. 18 "My Uncle sent me this picture of his prosthesis doctor "

  19. 19 "i don't know why my arms look so long that i could tie shoes without bending over "

  20. 20 When you look more like harry potter than harry potter

  21. 21 My wife knows everything

  22. 22 "I tried taking a selfie while I was underwater."

  23. 23 Its truly a master piece !

  24. 24 Humor is the greatest solution to any problem in life ....

  25. 25 Can't beat Aquaman

  26. 26 Age 24: Welcome to the real world.

  27. 27 Sadest day of my life


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