32 People Who Got Tattoos When They Were Drunk as Skunk and Regret After


Tattoos are a forever commitment, don’t you agree? Although the idea of having needles repeatedly poked into your skin might not sound like everyone’s cup of tea, tattoo lovers would strongly argue that there is something rather cathartic about the experience. For many, the everlasting imprint it leaves on their body holds a deeper meaning. Without any doubts, this is one of the biggest decision one could make in life because it marks your skin permanently.

So, a word of advice, folks! Don’t ever decide to have a tattoo unless you are sure about it, especially not when you are drunk or else you might also end up on our list someday.


Listed below are 32 photos of people who got tattoos when they were drunk as a skunk and regretted their decision afterward. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Smoking kills indeed

  2. 2 Do the high boot

  3. 3 Sexy banana

  4. 4 Name the animal


  5. 5 Drunk AF

  6. 6 I want names

  7. 7 Why would someone pick that tattoo even when they're drunk?

  8. 8 I was drunk when my bf got me this tattoo

  9. 9 My kinda six packs

  10. 10 He touched so many???

  11. 11 What a sweet bum

  12. 12 Surely this was a bad idea

  13. 13 Can someone explain this constipated Pikachu tattoo

  14. 14 Beer is what led to this

  15. 15 Avocados are healthy

  16. 16 Lit kitty

  17. 17 You gotta do what you gotta do

  18. 18 Now I know where he's been hiding

  19. 19 My gf still hasn't seen this

  20. 20 So the walrus took me into a tattoo parlour

  21. 21 When a centaur marries a mermaid, this is born.

  22. 22 Insert them one by one

  23. 23 Don't we all?

  24. 24 This the most brutal drunk tattoo ever

  25. 25 This is what you call me from now on

  26. 26 That's the most messed up family tradition ever

  27. 27 Sweet what?!

  28. 28 Removing this one is gonna hurt

  29. 29 Shit happens

  30. 30 The most pointless tattoo ever

  31. 31 Tyson says hello

  32. 32 Who did you vote for?


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