30 People Who are Unlikely to Win the Award For Being “Most Logical.”


All things that come from clear reasoning and a concept is what we call logical, right? Logic certainly is hard to understand for some people. Accidentally or on purpose, we often meet people in our life who does something that defies all rules of common sense. For example, when they illustrate an avocado under the title of “mango ice-cream”, decorate the steering wheel with rhinestones, bookmark a page with the help of a taco, or try to eliminate the consequences of a flood in their yard with the help of a basket. Whether you believe it or not, folks! These people do exist in our world. They fall into many logical fallacies, usually, in an effort to not learn something, that is, to continue to believe what they already believe in.


In this post, we have listed 30 photos of people who are unlikely to win the award for being the most logical *wink*. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Grandma's spaghetti..

  2. 2 Seriously blinged out Beemer.

  3. 3 It's a banana!

  4. 4 It's getting harder and harder to understand kids these days.


  5. 5 This is big brain time

  6. 6 Wow! so many books.

  7. 7 Now that's called true love.

  8. 8 Found in a children's maths workbook.

  9. 9 Who needs a bookmark when you've got a taco.

  10. 10 To secure the load

  11. 11 I don't know about you, but eating medium rare chicken is great.

  12. 12 No, I said I want HIM to be the dad!

  13. 13 Seems like they've got it figured out.

  14. 14 They probably just saw the movies

  15. 15 What did you say, Willis?

  16. 16 My sister lives in Florida and sends some weird pictures of people. This was most recent.

  17. 17 Request fulfilled.

  18. 18 I hope the shower isn't too toasty for you.

  19. 19 Just trying to figure out why nothing in life works.

  20. 20 We've all got a friend who needs to go to this car wash.

  21. 21 No one is ever completely useless.

  22. 22 Seeing her fall would be so satisfying right now.

  23. 23 Even demons need a hug sometimes.

  24. 24 Babushka’s Creed.

  25. 25 That's when you know you've found the one.

  26. 26 Maybe he was trying to cure his "gingervitis" so he can have a soul.

  27. 27 That's the kind of thing people would have found at Area 51.

  28. 28 Who needs an iPhone when you've got a iTart.

  29. 29 And if it lights up, is he going to court?

  30. 30 For all those lonely drivers out there.


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