43 People Who are Pro at Clicking Right Moments Photos


“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” – Dorothea Lange

We all love perfectly timed photos that capture funny or unexpected moments in an instant out of time. Though anyone with a smartphone, point-and-shoot camera or a DSLR can potentially capture a blink of an eye moment that is ideal with right time, place and angle whether it’s staged or spontaneous. But, there are some photographers who are experts at what they do. They perfectly time their photos to capture unexpected or funny moments. Most of them seem like coincidences, but who cares when they give you a good laugh, right?


Listed up in this post are 43 people who are a pro at clicking right moment photos. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Nice pants mate

  2. 2 The love for coffee is mutual

  3. 3 Helipad legs

  4. 4 Dabbing helps you walk on water


  5. 5 They say there's a hidden person inside you

  6. 6 When doggo went rafting

  7. 7 The Aqua entry

  8. 8 Fly away little one

  9. 9 Me entering into an argument like

  10. 10 The moon has sighted you

  11. 11 Ain't no buddy like a dog

  12. 12 God helping them up the hill

  13. 13 Sorry to burst your bubble

  14. 14 A giant hanging from a waterfall.

  15. 15 The Aqua-girl is here

  16. 16 Hiding from my siblings like

  17. 17 Controlling the waves

  18. 18 Somebody call Jason Mamoa

  19. 19 NASA is looking for her

  20. 20 She owes the photographer big time for this one

  21. 21 When she asks you to kiss her and this is what you do

  22. 22 Control the H2O

  23. 23 What a Banger!!

  24. 24 Photographed the exact moment this man ruined his shirt at a photo gallery.

  25. 25 Glass of water going down.

  26. 26 My moms new hairstyle is really unique-!

  27. 27 Perfect paws

  28. 28 The seagul wants to be a part of the family

  29. 29 Look up and wonder

  30. 30 Fauxhawk.

  31. 31 She just let that bird out

  32. 32 When the kitty wants attention

  33. 33 Which ones gonna fall?

  34. 34 The pane's up his ass


  35. 35 The dragon warrior has arrived

  36. 36 Eating the only good thing in Paris

  37. 37 My balls during a shower

  38. 38 The sun speeds the thought process

  39. 39 The shadows are watching

  40. 40 Who needs civil engineers to construct roads? All you need is a smoke

  41. 41 Hi five grandpa

  42. 42 To the moon


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