33 People Who are not Afraid to Share the Hidden Part of Fancy Social Media Life


In these modern times, when we open our social media profiles, we get the feeling that we’re seeing fantasy world where people have a perfect appearance, travel every day, eat only healthy food, and buy expensive clothes every week. However, a perfect world such as this one doesn’t exist in reality, its mere fake methods to deceive others.


Many of us literally crave the social approval of others on all the artificial happiness that we present in our profiles. The lure of “likes,” and “shares,” on social media is so addictive that people are compelled to share their photos that are artificially enhanced through different tricks of photography. But, there are a few people who know the worth of self-irony and they are not afraid to share the hidden part of fancy social media life. Scroll on to see our compiled list of such people and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Not so sharp after all

  2. 2 Every rise has a fall

  3. 3 Chilling at the beach

  4. 4 Perfect lighting conditions


  5. 5 The work that goes into creating the perfect moment

  6. 6 When a walk in the garden turns into an Instagram photoshoot

  7. 7 Improvisation always works

  8. 8 Messy to adorable in no time

  9. 9 Beach photos be like

  10. 10 She's a genius

  11. 11 Flat tummy or rubber tyres?

  12. 12 When you can't float proper

  13. 13 The Photographer is a Photoshop expert

  14. 14 Some vaping skills went into the preprocessing

  15. 15 The pigeon doesn't like her smile

  16. 16 Freezing cold out there

  17. 17 Behind the scenes of getting the dark effect

  18. 18 Living that fake social media life

  19. 19 Anything can be faked I tell you

  20. 20 We all need friends with such photography skills

  21. 21 Living the natural life

  22. 22 A still from Devil May Cry

  23. 23 From Triple Chin to Couple Goals

  24. 24 Behind the scenes

  25. 25 Nom nom nom

  26. 26 Unicorn rides aren't so comfortable

  27. 27 Posing vs the real story

  28. 28 We all have that sibling

  29. 29 Because curves matter

  30. 30 You can't eat and look pretty at the same time

  31. 31 Keep it slim

  32. 32 That's my girl with a random photographer

  33. 33 Respect for the artist


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