People Sharing Their Weirdest Second Hand Finds – 30 Photos


There are many things that can cheer you up no matter what is happening in your life One of them is finding something amazing in those thrift stores that are full of Old clutter. Broken junk. Useless odds and ends, won’t you agree? Sometimes you’ll find random creepy stuff in them from nowhere. They’re either misplaced or someone actually thought they belonged there. You can spot these weird items instantly; they’re the ones that’ll stand out.

We think unexpected things have a way of finding you in all the places where you wouldn’t go looking especially in case of secondhand shop fanatics. The experience can be quite hilarious. Listed in this post are 30 photos of weirdest finds that will give you your daily dose of laughter and amazement. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!


More info: Facebook/WeirdSecondhandFinds

  1. 1 This Sofa Did Not Come Home With Us, Because We Didn’t Drive Our Freight Train To The Store That Day

  2. 2 Not so Golden anymore

  3. 3 Had to buy this from the auction

  4. 4 My Kid Cried The Whole Way Home (Didn’t Let That Stop Me)


  5. 5 Wear it backwards and see what happens.

  6. 6 Too good to be left at a sale

  7. 7 Picked Up On The Side Of The Road A Few Weeks Ago. It Is A Victorian Era Conversation Setee, For Courting Couples. The Weird Thing Is That It Was On The Side Of The Road With A Bunch Of Junk

  8. 8 Somehow it's glorious and ugly at the same time

  9. 9 Found At The Bins Yesterday By My Husband.... I’m Digging It

  10. 10 These twins will stay in my room now

  11. 11 Yell at it and throw it around

  12. 12 Got This Free Giant Cup! The Lady Who Gave It To Us Said Her Husband Was A Liquor Distributor And Got It Free. She Just Wanted It Gone

  13. 13 Bought This Kick Ass Oven Mitt From A Garage Sale When I Was A Kid For When I Got A Home Of My Own, At 27 I’m Proud To Say I Finally Get To Use It In A Home Of My Own

  14. 14 The glowing chicken

  15. 15 Why on earth would you bring that home?!

  16. 16 This guy looked sad at the auction so I bought him

  17. 17 Brought this happy unicorn home

  18. 18 The unhappy joy bunny

  19. 19 Didn't know corn is electric

  20. 20 All eyes on you

  21. 21 According to his liking

  22. 22 The kitty dressing

  23. 23 This is against Nature

  24. 24 The teddy bear manufacturers messed up bigtime

  25. 25 Can't see or hear any evil

  26. 26 Spongebob likes it

  27. 27 Golum has a friend

  28. 28 She seems scared

  29. 29 A Mick Jagger phone. Now I've seen everything.

  30. 30 From the Vault

  31. 31 I Found These A Few Years Ago At A Yard Sale In Colorado. They're About 6 Inches Tall

  32. 32 She really is cute. I would totally have her in my garden!


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