30 People Seems to Come From Another Planet


Sometimes you’ll see people in your locality who’re so absurd that the only possible sane explanation for their eccentric behavior is that they must be from another planet. What else can you tell yourself to justify the senseless things these people are sighted doing? Either they’re paranormal or abnormal there is no other explanation!


Listed in this post are photos of 30 people who’re most probably aliens in disguise. Don’t miss out the 14th one, you’ll seriously laugh out loud on that one:

  1. 1 When you're paying for everything so you decide to use everything

  2. 2 That's not the work of an earthling

  3. 3 He's definitely calling for backup from his home planet

  4. 4 This color scheme is not from our race


  5. 5 From where I am, this is how we deal with summers

  6. 6 Something to beat the "no ragrets" tattoo

  7. 7 Her planet seems to be rich in tin and aluminum

  8. 8 Straight outta burger land

  9. 9 On my planet, this is how we dress on beach day

  10. 10 Too many jokes on my mind right now

  11. 11 Got a hair job yesterday. Must protect them!

  12. 12 Just the regular evening chat at the stable

  13. 13 Daddy.. mommy's doing the thing in public again!

  14. 14 Let me take you for a ride mi amigo

  15. 15 This is what I love about remote jobs

  16. 16 Ever been to a Russian beach in the winter?

  17. 17 Have you got a smoke mate?

  18. 18 Doing yoga in the theater. Need this motivation for myself.

  19. 19 This was the most confusing thing in all of my school life

  20. 20 Gotta show those love handles

  21. 21 You need more squats mate

  22. 22 I can't explain this. Just take my order!

  23. 23 All dressed up for his birthday party...

  24. 24 Why do you humans drink car fuel all the time?

  25. 25 This is a landmark in my city

  26. 26 Netflix and Chill

  27. 27 How NOT to protect your car

  28. 28 Gotta keep it cool

  29. 29 That's about all the baggage I've got

  30. 30 The fun must not stop


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