25 People Invented Really Funny Cleverly Creative Ways to Ask For Tips


How to be clever and not annoying when asking for tips? It’s a secret question that everyone struggles to get the answer because we know asking for a tip is not everyone’s cup of tea. Well, folks! Sometimes, a spark of creativity is required in order to grab the customers’ attention and receive a contribution. The secret is to tickle your customer’s funny bone with humorous tricks that are hilarious and persuasive at the same time.


Recently, some places invented really funny and quite creative ways to ask for tips. Scroll on to see listed below 25 photos that made to our list. We bet these clever ways get grins and chuckles that everyone desires when asking for tips because who doesn’t like to be understood, challenged or made to laugh, right? Let the hilarity ensue and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 We'll take care of all the change for you

  2. 2 Let it all go

  3. 3 We're all poor in that case

  4. 4 This guy will get crazy tips now


  5. 5 I'm pretty ugly I guess

  6. 6 That's what a gentleman would do

  7. 7 Better live up to our expectations

  8. 8 It's a tip tit confusion

  9. 9 Answer the question

  10. 10 Vote by chipping in with cash

  11. 11 Hello from the other side

  12. 12 Keep it filled up

  13. 13 Can someone take care of me??

  14. 14 Put in a tip and Karma shall spare you

  15. 15 Join the tipsy movement

  16. 16 Record your answer by paying a few bucks

  17. 17 Forest Gump wants you to tip

  18. 18 Best description ever

  19. 19 It's for everyone now

  20. 20 I would have to chip in for the sake of LOTRs

  21. 21 Show us your tips

  22. 22 A generous cause indeed

  23. 23 What an easy way to trigger them both

  24. 24 Start the treatment now


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