23 People Having a Bad Day


We’ve all had one of those days when nothing seems to go right. Everything we touch either breaks or won’t work.  It’s quite frustrating, but looking back such days are the most hilarious days of our lives. These are the days that we narrate in parties to share laughs among friends and family. 


We’ve collected 30 hilarious photos of the worst possible things that can happen to people who’re having a bad day. Believe it or not, I have been through number 10 more than once! 

  1. 1 Not the best day at work

  2. 2 Taking homeschooling to a new level

  3. 3 We can only wish it was summer time!

  4. 4 This kid has seen enough for the day


  5. 5 Not the flight view I wanted...

  6. 6 So tell me about your Monday?

  7. 7 At least nobody would steal such a LAME car..

  8. 8 Do you wanna build a snow man?!

  9. 9 He's not getting those 6 packs any time soon

  10. 10 Jack? Rose?

  11. 11 What a Sh*t job..

  12. 12 I hope he's a Lion King fan

  13. 13 Some people just don't wanna take the stairs

  14. 14 I would turn around right then, go home and sleep.

  15. 15 Baloo: Mowgli that you??

  16. 16 oh Jesus!!

  17. 17 Wtf do we do now?!

  18. 18 That's the most dangerous apple I've ever seen

  19. 19 If the word "unlucky" was human, it would be this guy

  20. 20 I just came to get some water..

  21. 21 It's so yumiliciously sad, it hurts

  22. 22 And I thought I was bad at parking..

  23. 23 Damn.. he found out!


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