42 People Being Hilariously Creative With Statues


Statues have always been a way of paying tribute to the legends. They are a great symbol of art, intellect, and history. And let’s face it, we always find a strange fascination with statues and we often love taking hilarious selfies with them. However, some people just get carried away with their photos. They love to have fun so they brighten up the atmosphere of any place that has a statue.

You can also make it a lot more fun by posing with them in hilarious ways. Whether you are being spanked by naughty statue or being eaten alive, listed in this post is a collection of some funniest photos ideas we found for you from the internet and these poses will definitely make you go ROFL.


Scroll down to enjoy them.

  1. 1 Right in the guts

  2. 2 When neighbors kids won't get off your garden

  3. 3 This one sucks hard

  4. 4 Fly away!!


  5. 5 he's hi fiving you bro

  6. 6 There's a reason people don't take me to nice places.

  7. 7 In Soviet Russia, statue gropes you!

  8. 8 Death by choke slam

  9. 9 Let me go

  10. 10 The perfectly still selfie

  11. 11 I found Yogi Bear

  12. 12 My father taking me to school

  13. 13 Teach them when they're young

  14. 14 Checkout this dope meme

  15. 15 My little one sure knows how to keep up with kids in the park

  16. 16 Romance in the park

  17. 17 Bye Bye Kids

  18. 18 Got pulled over by this stiff officer

  19. 19 Grabbed by the demons

  20. 20 Girl's gossiping at parties like

  21. 21 Columbus being of some help, finally...

  22. 22 Chilling out after retirement

  23. 23 The water version of Simba

  24. 24 Don't say a word

  25. 25 It's a stampede

  26. 26 Hands where I can see them

  27. 27 I made a new friend

  28. 28 It's time for some action

  29. 29 Get away woman!!

  30. 30 I hope his kids don't see this

  31. 31 You break the law, you pay the price

  32. 32 That one guy who hates children

  33. 33 A Tale of Two Men, The thinker and The A** washer

  34. 34 Girls love tough guys

  35. 35 Do you see what you like?

  36. 36 Don't let her go

  37. 37 Bruce Lee style greetings

  38. 38 Is this how they greet people in the west?

  39. 39 Let me help you out with that

  40. 40 Stay hydrated

  41. 41 He needed some help in diving

  42. 42 The imitation game


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