22 People and Designers With Hilarious Sense of Fashion


You know folks when it comes to high fashion, it can be so earnest within the industry that it gives birth to a general idea that the fashion world is willing to go to ridiculous lengths for the sake of style. Though style mantras make obvious sense for big-picture dilemmas and vogue pursuits, the idea of being on top of your fashion game, however, is not completely unfounded. With some designers using this creative margin as a way to flex their funny bones with outlandish designs the fashion fails are inevitable.

Having your own sense of fashion is commendable. It is good to be comfortable in one’s own style. But, some people push their individuality a bit too far by showing up in public wearing absolutely atrocious outfits! If you think we’re being too harsh then see for yourself and keep scrolling.


In this post, we have listed almost 22 photos of people and designers with a hilarious sense of fashion. Check them out and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Blow up doll hoodie.

  2. 2 I bet his grandma knitted that for him.

  3. 3 Is that supposed to be art or something?

  4. 4 What if she has to get something from the top drawer.


  5. 5 That's why you shouldn't bet on something you don't know.

  6. 6 Something smells fishy.

  7. 7 Modern cat lady.

  8. 8 I think that's supposed to be a chick hatching from a dark egg.

  9. 9 You just need a little teddy bear sometimes.

  10. 10 Grandma's birthday present. Surprisingly comfortable.

  11. 11 Flamingo tights.

  12. 12 Things are getting a little out of hand with these designers.

  13. 13 When you really love jeans.

  14. 14 She probably wasn't thinking when she chose that outfit.

  15. 15 That looks like something Ross would love.

  16. 16 I've had enough of this ripped jeans fashion trend.

  17. 17 The designer needs a psych evaluation.

  18. 18 Pre-destroyed Margiela sneakers

  19. 19 Rapper who got shot Halloween costume.

  20. 20 Pink was really weird back in the day.

  21. 21 I think she's on drugs.

  22. 22 Creepiest Halloween costume goes to...


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