26 People Accidentally Found Their Look-Alike At the Museum


The 21st century kids and teenagers and even to some extent grownups consider museums as a boring place to be. In their opinion, All museums have are a few pictures of people dead long ago and few other ancient artifacts. However as this posts illustrates that if you have enough sense of humor even museums can be hilarious.


Listed below are 26 such amazingly funny people who somehow found their look alike of the past ages gone by in museums and they posed in almost exact same fashion and took photos with them, in a way they look like identical twins. Scroll down peeps and enjoy this post, it’s pretty hilarious.

  1. 1 Just got myself these brand new Caterpillars

  2. 2 Look who I found

  3. 3 Damn she's gained some fat

  4. 4 Talk to me amigo


  5. 5 All hail king Robert

  6. 6 One without my armour

  7. 7 Puberty hit cupid hard

  8. 8 Beard game= very strong!

  9. 9 The painter's imagination walked in from the front door

  10. 10 Came to check out his photo shoot exhibition

  11. 11 Thor pictured after he saved Asgard

  12. 12 History repeats itself, indeed

  13. 13 My child is famous!!

  14. 14 He looked better in black

  15. 15 Hey mom. What's for breakfast?

  16. 16 When history mocks you in public

  17. 17 The sad part when you resemble women from medieval times

  18. 18 Arsenal was famous back in the 1800s

  19. 19 Has anyone seen my dog?

  20. 20 Dr. Dre has changed my life

  21. 21 Is this an optical illusion?

  22. 22 Help the needy

  23. 23 Asian portraits must be the easiest to paint

  24. 24 Just a few years apart

  25. 25 Looks even more shady in real

  26. 26 Grandpa, is that you?


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