40 Passive Aggressive Notes Left By Classic Co-workers


Working in an office environment is often quite frustrating! We easily get caught up in the daily grind of corporate responsibilities. Not only do we have to answer to superiors, but there are also our many coworkers who annoy us due to their frustrating behavior. But, don’t fret it, folks!  If you are looking for a mean yet funny way to stop the office food thief or lazy bloke- We’ll let you in a little secret to deal with them. The best way to get at your annoying office colleague is through passive-aggressive notes.


Listed up in this post are 40 passive-aggressive examples that will give you some awesome ideas. These classic co-workers surely deserve a round of applause for their sarcastic humor. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 When you leave a note in an office full of editors

  2. 2 Microwave at the office is out of order & i work with artists/comedians

  3. 3 My husband just sent me this saying the office is a minefield.

  4. 4 spoiled milk spotted in my office


  5. 5 Don't do such a barbaric act again

  6. 6 Couldn't help it

  7. 7 Even food cans are not accepting me

  8. 8 We're not a lemonade stand. So raise your standards.

  9. 9 Count the ticks

  10. 10 It's a fair deal I suppose

  11. 11 Leave the office for 10 mins

  12. 12 The office philosopher

  13. 13 New rules for posting notices in the office.

  14. 14 Apparently Debbie has a bit of bad reputation around the office refrigerator

  15. 15 "Sacarsm" at the office...!LOL

  16. 16 Dave saving the day for Dave

  17. 17 Possible troll in the office?

  18. 18 I quoted Jesus and drank the Coke

  19. 19 This is what happens when people submit passive-aggressive office memos where I work.

  20. 20 Number 1 shall help you

  21. 21 Break Room Logic.

  22. 22 Stop making Brian work so hard

  23. 23 Walked into the office kitchen to find this.

  24. 24 The most informative thread of messages on a wall

  25. 25 It was a dangerous place to keep them

  26. 26 A touching gesture from my company after 9 years of employment came to an end

  27. 27 Someone in the office is a fan of Archer

  28. 28 As office IT, my response to google cloud print complains

  29. 29 The latest office baby announcement just got awkward...

  30. 30 Cow delviery sir

  31. 31 These are posted on my office's fridge...

  32. 32 Our hand was forced to the movement

  33. 33 This is Brutal

  34. 34 It's kinda cool if not hot

  35. 35 They have height issues at Taco Bell

  36. 36 Do you have an answer to that?

  37. 37 I believe we have an office thief.......damn

  38. 38 Not what they tought us in school

  39. 39 Walked past the I.T. Office door and noticed a new sign

  40. 40 Try and not to do the dishes now


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