30 Overwhelmingly Impressive Cosplays At Comic Con New York 2019


Did you know more than 200,000 people were expected to visit the Javits Center for the annual event of New York Comic-Con this October? The event celebrated its 14th year in New York City with movies, television, pop culture, and, of course, comics. From the Avengers and DC villains to the “Stranger Things”, pictures of cosplayers’ in their favorite superhero (or super villain) attire from this year’s NYCC crazily swept the internet. Among many other photographers behind a handful of iconic cosplay photographs from this year’s Comic-Con New York, Ali Reza Malik surely caught our attention because his work outshines them all.

He’s a Pakistani-American from New York, with creative disciplines in graphic design, photography, videography, and branding. Ali’s work focuses primarily on South Asian communities, exploring the different forms of portraiture to promote the visibility of these and other minority communities in the US. So, buckle up peeps and continue scrolling to see Ali’s NYCC experience and check out more Comic-Con New York cosplay in our curated list below:


More Info: Ali Reza Malik



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