30 Outrageously Funny Memes That Every Parent Can Relate To


Usually, the world expects parents to be perfect. They’re supposed to have it all under control. But we all know how true that is. From screams, poop, and puke all over the place to sleep deprivation, dull face and absolutely no social life, Parenthood is quite challenging. But you know what makes it easy? Laughing it all off by a little humor.


In this post, we have listed up 30 outrageously funny memes that every parent can relate to. We bet you’ll be laughing out loud by the end of this post. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Don’t forget to share this post with the other parents on your list!

  1. 1 You dare me?

  2. 2 The stick fathers get for it

  3. 3 I earn for them

  4. 4 It's a roller coaster ride


  5. 5 The struggle has begun

  6. 6 That moment when everything stops

  7. 7 That evil little mind

  8. 8 Didn't I warn you?!

  9. 9 I can only try

  10. 10 Gotta face the consequences

  11. 11 Just the usual

  12. 12 That moment of relief

  13. 13 I'll give you more once you finish this one

  14. 14 Bumps right into you

  15. 15 She has too much to take care of

  16. 16 That's my plan

  17. 17 My ears are about to bleed

  18. 18 Not even my husband is on it

  19. 19 Because the cuddles are necessary

  20. 20 You mister don't tell me what tired means

  21. 21 Who is he talking to?

  22. 22 Pure Dynamite

  23. 23 Not so fancy anymore eh?

  24. 24 Kudos to you!!

  25. 25 It's time for a quick nap

  26. 26 Scares the crap outta me

  27. 27 Can't control them all at once

  28. 28 We've gotta run to the toilet!!

  29. 29 Gotta deal with it

  30. 30 Not "stay at home" anymore


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