25 Ordinary Photos With Hilarious Background


When you’re taking a photo, be sure to have a quick glance around you to ensure that there is nothing weird in the background that may potentially ruin your photo. Of course sometimes things will just pop up at the last moment and be remembered forever along with all the memories you have preserved in your photos. 


Listed in this post are 25 photos with hilarious and weird events being staged in the background. Don’t miss the 14th picture. It is seriously hilarious!

  1. 1 When you party more than you can take

  2. 2 Urgent help required

  3. 3 Her face makes you realize how important the moment is

  4. 4 Having a pet is wonderful at times


  5. 5 This dude scares me

  6. 6 The guy pulled off a WWE move on his infant...

  7. 7 Two sides of the same coin

  8. 8 Can anyone explain what he was trying to do?

  9. 9 When you don't ask mum to be in the picture. So she decides to do a surprise appearance.

  10. 10 Just casually taking a P in public

  11. 11 That's how my dad decided to feature in my prom photo

  12. 12 Pretty sure she made this her Facebook profile picture

  13. 13 The real princess doesn't look happy

  14. 14 Is he singing an Elton John song?

  15. 15 Beach day turning out to be a little extra relaxing for some people

  16. 16 When you go way beyond your drinking capacity

  17. 17 This waitress was kind enough to feature on our group photo

  18. 18 Mr. Chow from Hangover featured in my selfie

  19. 19 It was their day, indeed!

  20. 20 This is what happens when a single guy meets too many hot women at once

  21. 21 The bartender was a little extra friendly

  22. 22 Two different kinds of beach days in one picture

  23. 23 We found a new match for Hulk

  24. 24 Ever photo bombed your own self?

  25. 25 I caught the flowers meaning I’ll marry next. Check out my boyfriend’s reaction


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