40 Humorous Vacation Photo Fails That Will Give You a Good Laugh


Vacations are supposed to help us unwind and relax but sometimes even the most thoroughly planned vacations can turn into hilarious disasters especially when it comes to sharing adventurous stories of your trip with your friends, right? We know buddies while some people may be very lucky in this department, others like the ones in our compiled list below… well, not so much. And we’re not even talking about vacation fails like bad hotel service or road problems. Oh, no! These vacation fails are just a whole new level of disastrous.


Scroll on to see some of the most hilarious photos of people having the worst vacations of their life and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 There goes my morning treat

  2. 2 Caught between the act

  3. 3 My mum does the best reaction photos

  4. 4 Any idea what he's up to?


  5. 5 When it's beach day and you forget your swimsuit at home

  6. 6 This dog is done with relationships

  7. 7 Dolphins might be friendly by she still doesn't approve of them

  8. 8 That's what friends are for

  9. 9 My parents finally took that road trip that's been pending for 20 years

  10. 10 Mickey being the villain

  11. 11 The reaction says it all

  12. 12 That little girl is never trusting her daddy again

  13. 13 That creepy smile from the ostrich

  14. 14 What we all wish for

  15. 15 Over enthusiastic Instagram photographers be like

  16. 16 How Ironic

  17. 17 Tell me what you see?

  18. 18 When you're already late for a flight

  19. 19 There's nothing that duct tape can't fix

  20. 20 She's gonna take the wrist watch away

  21. 21 This must be one hell of a ride

  22. 22 Snakes on a plane got real

  23. 23 That child is a daredevil

  24. 24 Anybody in there??

  25. 25 When you don't have enough money to pay for a seat

  26. 26 I think we've lost grandpa

  27. 27 The cosmic force that keeps the Eifel Tower strong and running

  28. 28 Playing hide and seek

  29. 29 Siblings ranked in order of excitement towards useless activities

  30. 30 Can't help but notice how old that elephant is

  31. 31 I think she's got the wrong veggie

  32. 32 When the feeder becomes food

  33. 33 My transporter for the day

  34. 34 The evil shadow

  35. 35 The fish disapproves of this clingy behavior

  36. 36 The monkey knows where to keep his eyes

  37. 37 The view anyone would pay for

  38. 38 My son knows how to get a quick reaction out of someone

  39. 39 Only for people that live alone

  40. 40 Beautiful nature in the background


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