35 of the Most Funny Snapchat Stories


Teens and adults alike are hooked on Snap Chat because they want their friends and sometimes the whole world snooping into their whole life through the lens of a camera. Some people like to share all the sophisticated stuff while others enjoy limelight a bit too much and feel comfortable sharing all sorts of absurd photos on snap chat. Maybe it’s because the pictures and videos they share will automatically be removed after 24 hours or perhaps they can easily know anyone who screenshots their photos. However, some pictures are so hilarious that people screenshot them anyway without worrying about the owner’s privacy or wishes.


In this post, we have listed such unfortunate folks whose snap chat stories were so hilarious that they circulated the whole internet and made everyone laugh out loud. You’ll seriously be hysterical with laughter once you’re through this list. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Just hanging out wif my friends.

  2. 2 That's what you get for getting a spray tan.

  3. 3 Than all of our futures.

  4. 4 If you can't find one make one, I guess.


  5. 5 Someone please send that to Ed Sheeran.

  6. 6 Dont let go jack!

  7. 7 Just don't look behind you.

  8. 8 She is totally rocking that look.

  9. 9 Now you're screwed. He'll be spying on your social media all day.

  10. 10

  11. 11

  12. 12 Highlight of my day.

  13. 13 Her parents had a good sense of humor.

  14. 14 They must taste fishy.

  15. 15 That's why you never sleep at a friends house.

  16. 16 I bet she is really into baking.

  17. 17 That must hurt.

  18. 18 I was about to freak out before I understood.

  19. 19 Sleeping at work,

  20. 20 Camera magic.

  21. 21 The real question is, who doesn't.

  22. 22 I don't swing that way but okay.

  23. 23 This dog is more civilized than most people.

  24. 24 Why do girls think nails are cute.

  25. 25 Just don't get a spray tan.

  26. 26 Duck face or invisible spaghetti?

  27. 27 Snapchat game on point!

  28. 28 Senior vs Freshman.

  29. 29 Put him on too.

  30. 30 An Italian man's skeleton.

  31. 31 Finally found him.

  32. 32 I feel sad for the balloon.

  33. 33 The Sorting Cone.

  34. 34 Why did I suddenly get the urge to puke.

  35. 35 Student That Deserve An A+


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