30 of the Most Absurd Sights Caught on Camera


In a world of satellites and CCTV cameras, nothing escapes the eye of the law. The cameras capture all the good, the bad, and the ugly that goes around in society. Some of the sites captured on camera are so hilarious, and so senseless that you can’t help but laugh at the absurdity. 


Be careful when you go out in your PJs or in an inappropriate state, you might become one of these hilarious internet photos that we all laugh at. Listed in this post are all sorts of weird and hilarious photos caught on camera, scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 After the condom emergency girl, this is becoming an epidemic.

  2. 2 I raise you one first class panda bear.

  3. 3 I am Decomposing Dave! Help!

  4. 4 So Earth has the best party eh?!


  5. 5 If you can't beat them, joint them!

  6. 6 Any contenders for this one?

  7. 7 Not the perfect place to potty train your kid

  8. 8 The last thing you thought could get you girls

  9. 9 Look, I made a turd!

  10. 10 A chair from the heavens

  11. 11 Winnie The Pooh's journey to the city

  12. 12 When your wife drives

  13. 13 Couple goals? Couple goals.

  14. 14 Sunday morning, you're home alone. What do you do?

  15. 15 Art really plays with my mind at times

  16. 16 My pizza dough isn't happy with me

  17. 17 I'll be glad if anyone could tell me what's going on in this photograph. It's getting on my nerves.

  18. 18 Born with a silver spoon, indeed

  19. 19 When you're a princess and this world doesn't get it

  20. 20 Must feature in the next Fast and Furious movie

  21. 21 For all the haters who call this car modification useless

  22. 22 It's history now

  23. 23 Whatever keeps it going

  24. 24 Respect other people's privacy

  25. 25 Wanna race till the beach?

  26. 26 This is what we call Brand New

  27. 27 The scan found out I was so hot they had security concerns...

  28. 28 Is this some kinda prank?

  29. 29 That head is one of a kind

  30. 30 Hello ugly human


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