34 of the Best Meanwhile in Canada Photos


Is it just us or do you guys also agree that when someone mentions Canada, we normally think about maple syrup and cold weather? Even though the Canadians often find themselves bombarded by praise on the Internet especially in comparison to their neighboring southern countries, the cold weather is all we can think of, right?

Canadians are known for their warm and kind attitude which starkly contradicts the cold Canadian climate. It is almost always snowing in most parts of Canada. But Canadians don’t mind they make the most of it.


From a frozen swimming pool to savage memes regarding the cold weather of Canada, we have listed up in this some of the hilarious Canada photos that will definitely make you laugh out loud. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Don’t forget to share this post with your Canadian friends to mess with them.

  1. 1 Welcome to Canada!

  2. 2 Officially recognized Canadian Pool Party

  3. 3 Gotta love the idea

  4. 4 Meanwhile in... Ridiculously Safe


  5. 5 There's no spring for us

  6. 6 Canadian Fashion!

  7. 7 Too many sorrys to handle

  8. 8 The coldest summer in the world

  9. 9 Lets get going we'll explain on the way

  10. 10 Freezing cold? We don't think so!

  11. 11 Special Canadian Edition

  12. 12 This toilet seat is more colorful than the Canadian culture

  13. 13 Too many women I guess

  14. 14 Please make it stop

  15. 15 Not the best place to live for ghosts

  16. 16 A country full of apologetic humans

  17. 17 So what's the coldest bath you've ever taken?

  18. 18 Let's get to talking

  19. 19 Right now in Manitoba, Canada

  20. 20 When your fingers freeze out in the open

  21. 21 Even the baby moose supports LGBT

  22. 22 It's gonna get wild

  23. 23 Yup this is Canada alright.

  24. 24 Went out for a snowshoe and stopped to pick up the mail on the way back

  25. 25 Policemen have to get this one for Instagram

  26. 26 Santa chose a different ride today

  27. 27 The government is sorry...

  28. 28 Ethical values are top of the line

  29. 29 Holy snow!!

  30. 30 Seasons come and go, the sexiness shouldn't go

  31. 31 Overprotective parents

  32. 32 How to handle all the sorry stock?

  33. 33 They're so nice it makes me angry

  34. 34 Cold in America? That's cute. Meanwhile in Canada...


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