35 Oddest Thrift Store Finds That Break All the Limits (New Photos)


They say, “Unexpected things have a way of finding you in all the places where you wouldn’t go looking.” The best part about shopping at thrift stores is that you never know what you are going to find. If you are a frequent visitor of thrift stores then surely you must know how thrilling a good secondhand find can be. Thrift store treasures don’t happen all the time, you have to know the art of spending long hours sifting through secondhand piles of stuff to find something worthwhile. Some people get lucky enough to find out quite valuable things while others discover some oddest thrift store finds that break all the limits. This post is about the latter category of people.


In this post, we have listed 35 photos of the oddest thrift store finds that people found and shared on the internet. We bet these photos will give you your daily dose of laughter and amazement. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 The last guy who came in here must have had a bad burrito or something.

  2. 2 The manufacturers had one job.

  3. 3 Thank God for science.

  4. 4 I wouldn't use that if I were you.


  5. 5 When you're a dancer but also freelance on the internet.

  6. 6 How bad did he mess up to get a bouquet of stuffed cats.

  7. 7 She must have gotten that from the Ugly grandma sweater section.

  8. 8 Fire ants aren't the least bit cute.

  9. 9 Finally... I can drink my beer with ladylike class!

  10. 10 I would just feel weird sitting on that thing.

  11. 11 Roles reversed.

  12. 12 Great Halloween vest.

  13. 13 Jesus on vacation.

  14. 14 Pencil shoes.

  15. 15 Great for your Halloween decorations.

  16. 16 When grandma sews you a heist mask.

  17. 17 It's always watching.

  18. 18 Just a cat taking a dump.

  19. 19 Giving that to a girl will not end well.

  20. 20 A Barbie's final resting place.

  21. 21 That's not even funny.

  22. 22 It is what you make it.

  23. 23 I present to you all the sassy grandfather clock!

  24. 24 My Husband Saw This In Front Of An Antique Shop While On A Business Trip In Pennsylvania. It Totally Came Home!

  25. 25 That is officially the ugliest coffee table in the world.

  26. 26 That is a great find.

  27. 27 DINOSAUR CHOPSTICKS! I have found my soulmate.

  28. 28 You could say my new hair dryer is packin' some heat.

  29. 29 Found this granny at an estate sale in ft worth. Yes, she came home with me!

  30. 30 Ohhh The Looks I Got Walking Around With This After I Purchased It Today

  31. 31 75 cents at an estate sale. Definitely came home with me.

  32. 32 Found this yesterday and bought for my son, who loved it! Best £2 spent ever!

  33. 33 The only mice cats are chasing these days

  34. 34 Lost track of my 2-year-old at a garage sale. Turned around and saw…

  35. 35 My friends basically spend their entire lives in the bathroom so their final resting place should also be on the toilet.


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