32 Most Weird Necklaces You Probably Have Never Seen Before


One of the biggest obsessions in almost every woman’s life is jewelry and we bet every woman out there will agree with us! Over the years you must’ve seen the diversity and variety that comes in jewels but, the necklace has proven more to be a timeless form of jewelry because of its versatility. Anything that can be worn around the neck or hang from a chain makes a fine necklace. That’s why more artists make necklaces than any other form of jewelry. From unique chokers to artful collars, the necklace industry creates sales allure from notions of value, wealth and scarcity. So, rare can be a loaded word. But in the case of our post, believe us, folks! It’s an accurate one. Keep scrolling to find out!


Listed up in this post are 32 photos of most weird necklaces you probably have never seen before! Prepare yourself to be stunned and scroll on peeps!

  1. 1 Homemade creepy Halloween necklace.

  2. 2 Perfect for that goth phase.

  3. 3 That's just very creepy. So, it's perfect for Halloween.

  4. 4 Gothic chicks would love this.


  5. 5 Falling into the cracks.

  6. 6 This planter necklace looks kinda cool!

  7. 7 Lucky bastard.

  8. 8 Halloween braces.

  9. 9 PG necklace.

  10. 10 Hand gesture necklace. Choose the one you mostly use.

  11. 11

  12. 12 Perfect for that hot summer day.

  13. 13 Loving the tattoo sleeve.

  14. 14 Is that really a paint brush?

  15. 15 Cut the cord.

  16. 16 You can rock that with any costume.

  17. 17 One of the coolest necklaces to wear on Halloween.

  18. 18 The rat queen.

  19. 19 Skeleton army.

  20. 20 Even looking at that gives me the creeps.

  21. 21 That looks so real.

  22. 22 The scariest looking creature of the deep sea.

  23. 23 Headless corpse.

  24. 24 I made it myself.

  25. 25 That'll surely come in handy.

  26. 26 Rappers must be going crazy.

  27. 27 What a doll arm and a little nail polish can do.

  28. 28 I've got your nose.

  29. 29 Needle felted sloth necklace

  30. 30 That is some pretty good artwork.

  31. 31 Souvenirs taken from my prey.

  32. 32 They've got eyes everywhere.

  33. 33 Who's gonna play doll house now?


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