32 Most Shocking Examples of Mind-Boggling Designs

  1. 1 Taking jeans fashion a little too far.

  2. 2 I can never understand the appeal of long nails.

  3. 3 What? That's a first.

  4. 4 Grandma went a little too overboard this time around.


  5. 5 Killer tea kettle.

  6. 6 Rock 'n' Roll heels.

  7. 7 Caviar nails.

  8. 8 Creepiest champagne glasses you'll ever see.

  9. 9 That bed must look real scary in the middle of the night.

  10. 10 This sofa must have been really famous in the 70's.

  11. 11 They met each other at a pizza place.

  12. 12 It's all about that Nike sign.

  13. 13 Best scooter ever.

  14. 14 I am never sitting on that chair, ever.

  15. 15 Just Japanese people and their fascination with giant seafood.

  16. 16 She loved her cat so much, she had it made into a purse.

  17. 17 I need one of these for my Halloween decorations.

  18. 18 Worst idea ever.

  19. 19 Why did it have to be baby heads.

  20. 20 Hey, kids, do you want to know where babies come from?

  21. 21 Just horsing around.

  22. 22 He's definitely growing up to be a super villain.

  23. 23 Now you know what everybody really thinks of you.

  24. 24 I wouldn't be able to take anything he says seriously with that thing.

  25. 25 Naughty Scream pasties.

  26. 26 Only in the south.

  27. 27 It's just a guy thing.

  28. 28 In the name of decency, draw the curtains woman.

  29. 29 It's really a loaf of bread.

  30. 30 Hand bra.

  31. 31 Can't find your shoes? No problem.

  32. 32 So that's what they wear down in Atlantis.


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