30 Most Ridiculous Wedding Decorations That Will Make You Cringe and Laugh at the Same Time


Weddings are a celebration of love. Many people spend months and even years planning their wedding day. They stress on every little detail to make sure that everything is perfect on their big day. Ofcourse, everyone’s idea of perfect is different.

For some people perfection manifests itself in classy décor and delicious food. For others it is the manifestation of their weird and wacky imagination in their wedding décor. This post is about the latter category of people.


Listed up in this post are photos of hilarious and hideous wedding decorations that will make you cringe.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 I guess Some designer took advantage of that wedding

  2. 2 Bug-Infested Hay Barrels Are So intimate

  3. 3 When Your Tables Are More terrible Than Your Bridesmaid Dresses

  4. 4 DC Comics themed wedding


  5. 5 Well at least that cake shows some reality

  6. 6 That's one horrific way to decorate

  7. 7 Meanwhile at a wedding in china cutting shit instead of wedding cake

  8. 8 At a Wedding in a Florida Nursing Home...

  9. 9 Are those made of sack

  10. 10 Bouquet of cinnamon rolls

  11. 11 Even the bride was wearing Eiffel tower

  12. 12 A very humble request

  13. 13 couple is fan of star wars :Light Saber Bouquets

  14. 14 Centerpiece or lunch for vegans

  15. 15 Worst decor for a wedding cake

  16. 16 That under water wedding tho ....

  17. 17 Live Jesus broadcast for a wedding

  18. 18 Predator themed wedding LOL

  19. 19 Shoes and shirr should have been the requirement

  20. 20 Is this Kindergarten Craft or a bouquet

  21. 21 They had some extra ribbons for the wedding

  22. 22 Taking a good care of guests

  23. 23 That hot golden pineapple was the only decor on that wedding

  24. 24 When an Animal Has to Die to Produce a Piece of Decor, its time to recreate the brains

  25. 25 A very important accessory when bride feels hungry

  26. 26 This beautiful booze style wedding

  27. 27 They contacted the wrong catering service

  28. 28 Weirdest seating arrangement in a wedding

  29. 29 When you crash in to a gypsy's wedding

  30. 30 They made it a decor out of a fly catcher


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