21 Most Ridiculous Signs That Will Leave You ROFL-ing


Life gives us so much to laugh about, but we’re so busy fretting about all our drama that we simply ignore all the “signs” (pun intended). This post is about literal hilarious signs that you see all around you everywhere you go. 

Some of these signs are actually dumb, you won’t help but wonder who approved those. Others are just witty, you’ll be impressed. 


Scroll on and enjoy peeps, you’ll love the variety we have compiled for you in this post:

  1. 1 Thanks for the information

  2. 2 Cause $59 sounds almost free

  3. 3 This is very violent

  4. 4 Do dead people still have to pay the fine?


  5. 5 Cars to the right!

  6. 6 When Church will play a bigger role than your worries

  7. 7 All of these are in order

  8. 8 Dinosaur?

  9. 9 They have to make it clear with a figure

  10. 10 You are responsible for your cakes

  11. 11 If you can do it like that, then you must do it

  12. 12 Don't ride the headless horses here

  13. 13 This sign was made by a vegetarian

  14. 14 The guy who made this was really smart

  15. 15 Its going to be a bumpy ride

  16. 16 Make your decision wisely!

  17. 17 I hope so that dogs can read English alphabets

  18. 18 I forgot my glasses

  19. 19 Not a good place to visit

  20. 20 You can fight the mountain loin

  21. 21 Nice way to trick people!


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