35 Most Interesting Body Art illusions That Will Make You Head Spin


They say, “Art is an expression of strong emotions and belief.” Well, it’s quite true because feelings that can’t be put into words manifest as various forms of art. Many different forms of art are evolving the passage of time and one such modern form of art is body art. This genre of art uses the human body as a canvas for expressing the wonders of nature, the universe and all that exists In between them. It also embodies the philosophy of the potential of transformation inherent in the human body.  Artists from all over the globe are diversifying body art by bringing their own unique perspective with them. The most popular among them are the optical illusions that artists create on a human body.


Listed in this post are 35 awesome photos of most interesting body illusions that will make your head spin. These artists surely deserve a round of applause for their remarkable work. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 You can be useful if your one leg is longer than the other

  2. 2 More than a normal human being

  3. 3 When the world won't stop annoying you

  4. 4 How facial recognition works


  5. 5 Smoking kills!

  6. 6 Life of an introvert in public

  7. 7 When an illusionist becomes a makeup artist

  8. 8 Slice by slice

  9. 9 Size zero done right

  10. 10 The colors of organic life

  11. 11 Tiger in my hand

  12. 12 The person that hides under your shell

  13. 13 When someone says "her face is an illusion"

  14. 14 Talk to the hand

  15. 15 Look into my "eye"

  16. 16 Staying inside the box

  17. 17 Human version of Nebula

  18. 18 ET's cousin came to rescue him

  19. 19 Hey Fork Head!

  20. 20 Feeling a little bit wavy

  21. 21 Carrying two faces isn't easy

  22. 22 When the frustration levels go too damn high

  23. 23 Piece by piece

  24. 24 Too many eyes on me

  25. 25 There's a tunnel in his back

  26. 26 Eyes at the back

  27. 27 Checkout my DNA pattern

  28. 28 When you pet too many dogs

  29. 29 Bones of iron

  30. 30 Body of an architect

  31. 31 Mona Lisa after the tan

  32. 32 Holding that laugh in

  33. 33 Look into me

  34. 34 The diagonal eyes

  35. 35 The knowledge of too many books inside me


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