34 Most Incredible and Dramatic Photos Found in National Geographic’s Published Gallery


The National Geographic Society is a great platform for many photographers where they can share immersive, compelling narratives, including stories driven by powerful imagery and the beauty of our Planet. Since its founding in 1888, they have established as a pioneer in storytelling through photography.

Every day editors of National Geographic receive tons of photos from all over the world. Thousands of worldwide seasoned photographers and newbies alike work and wait for the perfect moment to take truly spectacular images.


In this post, we have listed 30 most incredible photos found in National Geographic’s published gallery. From Shark city in the Bahamas to young monks, we bet this list will stun your mind with the breathtaking beauty of our planet earth. Scroll on to see for yourself and enjoy peeps!

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  1. 1

  2. 2 Balancing on a knife’s edge

  3. 3 Giraffe tango, Tanzania

  4. 4 The girl who leapt through time, China


  5. 5

  6. 6

  7. 7 Orangutan in the rain, Bali, Indonesia by Andrew Suryono

  8. 8

  9. 9

  10. 10 Formation, Costa Rica

  11. 11 The backflip of death, Sri Lanka

  12. 12 Flight, China

  13. 13 Nature is the most amazing artist, Kenya.

  14. 14 Nacreous clouds, Norway

  15. 15 Cold winter day, Japan

  16. 16 Leopard hunting a stork, Tanzania

  17. 17 Shark city, The Bahamas

  18. 18 Salt in Senegal

  19. 19 Safe in Uganda

  20. 20 Winter swell, Australia

  21. 21 Fighting kangaroos, Australia

  22. 22 Pink flamingos, Mexico

  23. 23 Ipanema beach, Brazil

  24. 24 An opportunistic ox pecker, Kenya

  25. 25 Traveling to heaven, India

  26. 26 Drying peppercorns, Vietnam

  27. 27 It’s just another day in India!

  28. 28 A monk, Myanmar

  29. 29 Hammock camping, Italy

  30. 30 Geometry of the sun, Mexico

  31. 31 “Mars”, Italy

  32. 32 Flamingos taking off in Tanzania

  33. 33 “Mermaid” in Japan

  34. 34


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