30 Most Horrible Selfies Ever Taken


The selfie trend that swept across the world a few years ago has now become a weird obsession globally especially among the millennial crowd. These people go to extreme lengths to get the ultimate shot that will garner the most ‘likes’ on their social media. From scaling buildings to climbing on top of things they shouldn’t have or taking a photo with dangerous animals, the selfie obsession literally knows no bounds. However, nailing the perfect selfie isn’t easy and that’s why some people end up with hilarious selfies ranging from wacky notions to silly expressions.


In this post, we have listed 30 most horrible selfies ever taken by some selfie fanatics. We bet you’ll be laughing out loud by the end of this post. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Can't look or mommy would get angry

  2. 2 Conan the barbaric lover

  3. 3 Trying to be sexy. Ended up being creepy AF.

  4. 4 Look at her cooking stand


  5. 5 Not the time to act cool I guess

  6. 6 The boyfriends face when you see your heaven get destroyed

  7. 7 Not the good kinda sun kissed photo

  8. 8 Best pals from today

  9. 9 Say hello mother of all evil

  10. 10 Lucky Grounds Crew I must say

  11. 11 When doggo has the tantrums

  12. 12 When you grow up but deep down you're still the kid

  13. 13 Guess the celebrity

  14. 14 That fake smile you give to relatives when they come over

  15. 15 Man takes selfie moments before deadly shark attack

  16. 16 General Cock

  17. 17 Lifeguard on duty

  18. 18 Indoor Kayaking day

  19. 19 What kind of a Botox technique is this?!

  20. 20 When she asks you to do a new pose

  21. 21 He can compromise on video but not audio

  22. 22 Me after a couple of drinks

  23. 23 What are we looking for in this one?

  24. 24 Khaleesi's eye game is too strong

  25. 25 Mona adapted as time went by

  26. 26 When you're already late for work

  27. 27 I have too many questions about this photo

  28. 28 The height of liberalism

  29. 29 Say cheese officer!

  30. 30 Time for a drunk music session


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