30 Most Hilarious Product Names Fails Ever


They say that you need good marketing to sell your product; a product’s name is an integral part of a product’s brand identity. So a good name is considered good marketing,


However as today’s post illustrates some people have rather an odd way of naming things. We don’t know what on earth were these guys thinking when they named their products. Scroll down peeps and see these 30 super weird and ridiculous names of different products. Some of them are quite hilarious and they'll surely make you laugh out loud!

  1. 1 For all retards

  2. 2 For your best buddy

  3. 3 Probably the cringiest

  4. 4 The right Job for your friend


  5. 5 Not the right product name for kids

  6. 6 The sticks you would like to avoid

  7. 7 Best time to be gay

  8. 8 The best tittle for a toilet paper

  9. 9 Now you can buy them

  10. 10 Cause your own sweat was not enough for you

  11. 11 Obviously

  12. 12 The Bag!

  13. 13 Milk for homos

  14. 14 Targeting the right market

  15. 15 The Original Munchies

  16. 16 For pissed people

  17. 17 The Natural Cola

  18. 18 The right sponge for wankers

  19. 19 Not the best flavor for straights

  20. 20 Not for straight

  21. 21 POP the can for the juice

  22. 22 From special land

  23. 23 Cause you have to clean your hands

  24. 24 This mirror is very lame

  25. 25 My life condition right now

  26. 26 The right way to make people fool

  27. 27 Best products for wankers

  28. 28 The non existant meat

  29. 29

  30. 30 Soup for sluts


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