30 Most Hilarious Portrait Tattoo Face Swaps of All Time


Yeah! Yeah! We know every one of you has heard about face swaps up till now, right eh? But, what about portrait tattoo face swaps? Got you! We bet you’ve never heard of them. It’s a great trick to up your sleeves if you wanna check the quality of your portrait tattoo.

Be careful who you choose, because not everyone is as good as they sell themselves to be. You can always clear your doubts concerning the professionalism by looking at examples of prior work before you let someone draw any kind of tattoos on you. And if that doesn’t work you can always give face swapping a try to have some hilarious results like the ones we have collected in this post that will make you laugh out loud.


Let’s take a look, scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Jesus won't be too proud of you

  2. 2 The legend slayer

  3. 3 Guess the animal

  4. 4 God made noses for a reason


  5. 5 Was there a fire?

  6. 6 Avril lavigne, is that you?

  7. 7 Not kissing her at any cost

  8. 8 What an emo tiger

  9. 9 The texture makes is scarier

  10. 10 Bald Britney

  11. 11 The Marilyn laugh

  12. 12 You know what body part is this

  13. 13 All good except the facial expressions

  14. 14 If Jack Sparrow was South American

  15. 15 The Tiger nobody in the jungle is scared of

  16. 16 When your child is a potato

  17. 17 The Lion is either high or very, very sick

  18. 18 The tattoo artist has made me scared of my own child

  19. 19 Don't raise your kids to be like this

  20. 20 Peter Pan shall run for his life

  21. 21 When that weed kicks in

  22. 22 Tupac done right

  23. 23 They call me angry Freddie

  24. 24 Eagle Eyes

  25. 25 Justin Bieber ft Ryan Gosling

  26. 26 Ellen, what happened to you?!

  27. 27 Scared you shall be

  28. 28 Red Mama

  29. 29 Puppy drawn right for once

  30. 30 Why don't you smile?


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