30 Most Hilarious Gym Encounters of All Time


We all love to be fit and smart at all times. We read about the benefits of exercise such as the fact that you can add extra years to your life by exercising regularly and this makes us feel motivated. We make affirmations that we too can do this so we go to gym thinking it’s easy and if everybody can do it so can we.


However as this hilarious posts shows, gym is definitely not for everyone. This post is about some of the newcomers to the gym who were caught doing weird stuff. So scroll down peeps and enjoy this post.

  1. 1 Wrong time to check out babes

  2. 2 This is as wrong as it can humanly get

  3. 3 Expressions on her face are priceless!

  4. 4 More distractions!!


  5. 5 Exercising the brain!

  6. 6 In a search for worthy wielder!

  7. 7 Guesses? Wtf is that?

  8. 8 Just me and myself

  9. 9 Saw a brother at the gym tonight

  10. 10 No excuses

  11. 11 Chucky's all grown up!

  12. 12 This is going to be a fun cardio session

  13. 13 The expression says it all

  14. 14 This workout routine needs more altitude

  15. 15 There's a separate machine for that mi amigo

  16. 16 Is he choking himself to death?

  17. 17 Parenting tips 101

  18. 18 Someone explain the point to me

  19. 19 The Gym can be a weird place

  20. 20 When your playlist does not provide the necessary motivation

  21. 21 Spreading loads of negative vibes

  22. 22 This is an electricity saving gym

  23. 23 Some things cannot be explained

  24. 24 Like teacher like student

  25. 25 Too many distractions at the gym

  26. 26 Any guesses what's happening here?

  27. 27 The weight of responsibilities is enough for him

  28. 28 Them memes ain't gonna give you the muscle

  29. 29 Everyone has their own kind of energy drinks

  30. 30 When you have a date, but gym is life....


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